Randall Lamb Association

Building Commissioning


Randall Lamb offers commissioning services for both new construction and for existing buildings (aka retro-commissioning), ensuring that building systems perform as intended to meet the owner’s current facility requirements. A multi-faceted approach, the process perfects and refines the industry, documenting and confirming that the facility works as it was designed to. It may also uncover opportunities for reducing costs. Types of commissioning include:

  • Systems Commissioning – Ensures operational systems, emergency testing and staff training for a new or renovated building
  • Total Commissioning – From design through final completion
  • Building Commissioning (Cx) – Intensive quality assurance process applied to building systems and sub-systems
  • Retro-Commissioning (Rcx) – Applying standard commissioning standards to existing buildings, evaluating for improved operations and energy efficiencies
  • Re-Commissioning – Redoing an existing building previously commissioned or retro- commissioned
  • U.S. Green Building Council LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning

Commissioning has many components, and the process requires experience, organization, a meticulous approach, and a thorough understanding of new technology. This combination caters to a successful outcome. As the government increases the enforcement of commissioning requirements for various project types, these services will become standard in the future.