Randall Lamb Association

Metropolitan Transit Development Board/SDSU, Mission Valley East Station Light Rail Tunnel, Advanced Utilities Relocation, San Diego, CA

Complex Utility Coordination

Randall Lamb engineered the relocation of all existing underground and overhead mechanical, electrical, telephone, fiber optic and cable television that would be impacted by the new construction of the Light Rail Tunnel project. Mechanical design included the complete relocation/replacement of underground chilled water loops, steam piping loops and substructures, and gas service piping and utility metering facilities. Electrical design included the relocation/replacement of multiple 12kV utility and loop system feeders, 5kV building service feeders, new and modified substructures for high voltage systems, modifications to loop system multi-way switches, communications systems duct banks and substructures.

Integrated Services
Construction Cost
$451 million (total project)
Metropolitan Transit Development Board