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Marine Corps Base Twentynine Palms, New Air Ground Combat Center, Combined Arms MOUT P-971A/B/C, Twentynine Palms, CA

Training City in the Desert

Created to serve as a large-scale training area with facilities to conduct realistic training exercises for a large-scale Marine Air-Ground Task Force, the design/build project was completed in three phases. “Primary Town” is composed of six major components:  The Urban Core, Old Town and four mixed-use districts. The first phase, Urban Core, included electrical design of several 10,000 sq ft reinforced concrete buildings, site power and secondary electrical distribution. The second phase established the conduit infrastructure and expanded to include the East Stadium, Old Town and Hospital Districts, and provided electrical distribution to numerous buildings. The final phase included 38kV overhead transmission of a 12 mile extension from Camp Wilson and conversion to 12,470 V, 3-phase at the substation on the campus which serves the entire project through an underground loop system with numerous transformers. The final expansion included three additional districts.

  • American Council of Engineering Companies
    California Engineering Excellence Awards, HONOR AWARD, 2010


Integrated Services
Construction Cost
$56.8 million
NAVFAC Southwest Division, Soltek Pacific Construction
Architects Mosher Drew