Randall Lamb Association

409 and 499 Illinois Street, Mission Bay Research and Development Buildings, San Francisco, CA

Flexibility and Modularity

MEP concept/schematic design for new twin, 6-story towers of 210,000 sq ft and 240,000 sq ft. The project was designed to achieve a maximum level of flexibility to account for any tenant’s lab requirements. The systems were selected to be modular and expandable to keep first-time cost low yet achieve high efficiency. The chilled water and heating hot water plants were designed as primary variable flow systems. A 2,400-ton chilled water system and 28 million MBH heating hot water plant was designed for each building. The supply air and exhaust air systems were designed for VAV with pressurization control, with 800,000 CFM of airflow anticipated.

Project Size
210,000 sq ft / 240,000 sq ft
Integrated Services
Construction Cost
$120 Million
Shorenstein Realty LLP, SKS Investments
Dowler Gruman Architects