Randall Lamb Association

Ryan Braun, PE, CxA


What’s your current position at Randall Lamb?
Principal Mechanical Engineer, San Diego

Who would you consider your role model?
My father. He’s great at giving advice. He puts things in perspective, and emphasizes the importance of looking at the bigger picture.  There are many others that have contributed to my life along the way, pushing me to take on greater challenges.  It has been my experience that when I accept additional responsibilities, pay attention to the details, and develop a higher level of autonomy – everyone benefits.

What do you like best about your chosen field?
The opportunity to collaborate with lots of people with different ideas and experiences.  As a consulting engineer, I enjoy spending time in the field looking at various types of MEP systems, talking to clients and learning from others. Taking that knowledge and information back to the office and developing creative solutions with an amazing team is very rewarding.

What is your favorite pastime?
I enjoy lots of outdoor activities, but surfing is number one.  There’s nothing like paddling out on the water, enjoying nature and having fun with friends.  Surfing keeps me grounded, focused and is a great physical activity.