Randall Lamb Association

Chris Lloyd, PE


What’s your current position at Randall Lamb?
Managing Principal-in-Charge, San Francisco

What’s your favorite pastime?
I have several things I really enjoy doing besides work. Aside from hanging out with my family, at the top of the list, at this point in my life, is probably bike riding, road and mountain. It’s something that is relatively easy to work into my daily life, is fun, and great exercise. I try to bike commute at least once a week, barring inclement weather. I also enjoy a number of other things that are more difficult to fit into my schedule:  Hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, skiing, sailing and traveling.

What is your favorite book?
Hands down, To Kill a Mockingbird. This is a simple choice for two reasons. First, it is a beautifully written American classic; I only wish Harper Lee had written more. It is shocking that she didn’t write other books, considering her talent. Secondly, I don’t read much, so the list is short. I have mild dyslexia and somehow made it through elementary school without learning how to read very well. So I avoided reading and focused on math and science to balance out the poor grades in English. This all led me to becoming an engineer. I am by far the slowest reader in my family, which is probably why I love watching movies; my favorites being Pulp Fiction and most of the James Bond series, in particular those featuring Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would your other career have been?
I certainly would not have been an English teacher! I probably would have done something related to the natural sciences. Maybe I would have been a park ranger or something involving anthropology (or more specifically, paleoanthropology). My grandfather, George Wright, who was a naturalist working for what would become the National Park Service, was one of the pioneers in forming the agency’s current policies. Even though he died early in his career (1936), his work still influences and inspires many in the park service and related fields. I think I would have enjoyed being involved in some of the work he started.