Randall Lamb Association

Calina Ferraro, PE, CxA, CPD, LEED AP


What’s your current position at Randall Lamb?
Principal Mechanical Engineer, San Diego

Who would you consider your role model?
My parents have both been strong role models for me. My mom’s unshakable work ethic set an example for continued learning and self-improvement; my dad, as an activist, instilled a core belief in both the ability and the responsibility to build positive change.

What do you like best about your chosen field?
My passion for sustainable design and the desire to make a difference first brought me into this industry. I feel that it’s our job is to make the world a better place, one project at a time. That can mean anything from working on the latest high performance building, to upgrading hospital systems for healthier spaces, to delivering the best conditions in school or office spaces to help the users reach their fullest potential. With every project being unique, I love the challenge of constant learning to maintain technical expertise paired with the teamwork necessary to fit our piece of design into the larger puzzle for a fully integrated project.

What is your favorite pastime?
As much as I enjoy a job that lets me explore all different types of buildings, I equally enjoy getting away from it all. I have a great group of friends that go hiking and backpacking well off the beaten path. But if we can’t get away entirely, dinner or drinks on an outdoor patio is the next best thing!