Randall Lamb Association
San Diego Principals
“The Colorado School of Mines did an incredible job of educating me as a mechanical engineer. However, like many non-A/E engineering programs, there wasn’t much focus on the built environment. Buildings use roughly 40% of global energy; it’s more important now than ever that we continue to evolve our building designs to ensure a sustainable world for future generations. Working at Randall Lamb has given me insight into the fascinating world of the built environment and how MEP systems play a role. Daily, I am given the opportunity to work alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry to build something great, with a company that values and appreciates my input and accomplishments.”
Ransom Hamrick, Mechanical Engineer

Great People Create a Great Culture

The nucleus of Randall Lamb is its people. Built around a core of principals whose leadership drive and guide the firm’s future, staff members are encouraged to grow, change and evolve into leaders in their own right, helping to shape the firm’s future while serving our clients to the best of their ability. We listen, create, and innovate, integrating myriad components that are unique to each and every project. And we do it all with a smile. We’re woven together because we have a passion for engineering and for doing our part to contribute to well-functioning and healthy, breathing buildings.