Randall Lamb Association

Core Values

At the heart of Randall Lamb’s existence are the core values that guide our everyday conduct as a company, as well as our relationship with the greater community. These principles influence our behavior and how we work with each other, our clients, and the world around us. They are the backbone of Randall Lamb’s mission and vision as we continue to grow, evolve and responsibly impact the built environment.

  • Integrity – Maintaining the highest level of respect, trust and professionalism in our work and relationships.
  • Partnership With Clients – Adopting project goals as part of a collaborative project team.
  • Passion For Engineering – Remaining curious and ever-evolving to provide the highest level of engineering excellence.
  • Sustainable Solutions – Committed to financially, socially and environmentally valuable design solutions and professional practices.
  • Social Responsibility – Working for the betterment of the greater community and the building industry.