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October 9, 2016


buildingissues2Existing Building Commissioning:

Over time, a building’s HVAC system will stray from design intent through manual overrides or degradation of equipment. Issues can also arise if the building has gone through changes to the structure, zoning, design or HVAC system. All too often, repairs and modifications are done without consideration of the building and system as a whole, resulting in deep-seeded comfort and efficiency issues. The Randall Lamb Commissioning Group specializes in identifying and resolving these types of HVAC issues.

Our Team will investigate the issue, discover the cause and establish a path to resolution. If the issues are complicated in nature and lead to capital improvements, Randall Lamb will establish a commissioning process whereby all parties involved will be guided through a thorough quality control commissioning and verification process that results in a comfortable, efficient facility.

Services Include:
– Existing Building Commissioning AKA Retro-Commissioning
– New Construction Commissioning
– Title-24 CalGreen
– LEED Enhanced (Design Phase)
– LEED Fundamental (Construction Phase)
– Technical or Process
– Re-commissioning
– Ongoing or Continuous Commissioning
– Electrical Commissioning/Electrical Preventative Maintenance
– ASHRAE Level I, II and III Energy Auditing
– Title-24 Design Reviews
– HVAC Troubleshooting
– Test, Adjust and Balance
– ABAA Auditing
– Building Envelope Commissioning
– Building Envelope/Air Barrier Testing
– Infrared Thermography Testing
– Smoke Control System Testing & Commissioning
– Smoke Barrier Testing
Randall Lamb Associates is a fully qualified Commissioning agency holding nationally recognized commissioning certifications from NEBB, ACG (AABC), and the University of Wisconsin.
Commissioning Team from Left to Right: Butch Beach, LEED AP, RCx, BSC, TAB, S&V, Kurt Kohler, PE, LEED AP, CxA, ABAA, Brian Cleary, PE, CxA, CBST Level II, ABAA
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